Disney At Home: Bath and Body Products

Walt Disney World bath and body products

Did you know Disney sells the bath and body products that they have in their resorts?  I just learned this recently when I looked it up the other day.  I love the smell of the lotion from the Deluxe resorts (the sea marine collection shown above.)  It’s really the only collection I personally like.  Every time I smell it, it takes me back to being at the resort.


Thankful for Fall Printable Wall Art

Free Fall Printable Wall Art

I wasn’t able to blog last week as we moved into a new house and was getting it all set up.  We’re in the same area, just about 5 minutes away.  So I decided we needed a new fall printable to spruce things up a bit.  So I’m sharing with all my wonderful readers.  Make sure to subscribe to get our blog posts so you don’t miss out on our upcoming designs and projects!


Disney Art of Animation Resort

Walt Disney World Art of Animation Resort review

photo via Walt Disney World website

As you enter into the lobby of the Art of Animation Hotel, you see one side all light up where the reception decks are located, and the other side has sketches and drawings of some of your favorite characters.

Walt Disney World Art of Animation Resort

Walt Disney World Art of Animation Resort review

The rooms are very standard.  They compare to a nicer version of a Howard Johnson type of room. But yes, nicer, much cleaner, and a much better atmosphere.  Inside the rooms are designed with the theme of one of the 4 areas, which are:

- Cars

-The Lion King

- Finding Nemo

- The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid, where we stayed are the standard rooms.  All the rest of the areas have suites, which are suitable for larger parties.  Disney saw the need for more suites which is what brought about this hotel.

Walt Disney World Art of Animation Resort review

If you have been to any of the Walt Disney World’s All Star Resorts, the Art of Animation Hotel is styled the same way.  There are many fun statues that kids love to see.  It really is a great atmosphere for children as they are fascinated with all the large statues around.  There are plenty of great photo opps around as well.

Walt Disney World Art of Animation Resort review

photo via Walt Disney World website

The main pool is in the Finding Nemo section.  There is music playing under the water.  It’s a nice touch, but you really only hear it as long as you can hold your breath.  So start practicing.  ;)  This area has a water area for young kids as well.  There are sprays of water coming out of the “sponge bed area” which is by the coral reef in the middle of the picture above.

Walt Disney World Art of Animation Resort review

Walt Disney World Art of Animation Resort review

In the Lion King area, there is the “elephant graveyard” area which is a small cave that kids love to run through for a few minutes.  We took a few stops there for Tyler to run and check it out.

Walt Disney World Art of Animation Resort review

Walt Disney World Art of Animation Resort review

Walt Disney World Art of Animation Resort review

Walt Disney World Art of Animation Resort review

Walt Disney World Art of Animation Hotel


Fun photo opps in the Cars area.   This was probably Tyler’s favorite section- he loves cars already.  And I promise I did not tell him to put his head in Mater’s mouth. He just wanted to check it out and I quickly snapped a picture.

Living in Florida I’ve been lucky enough to visit several of the Walt Disney World hotels.  I’ve stayed in all the value hotels, a few moderate and one deluxe hotel.  The moderate and deluxe hotels are great for adults, but the value hotels are great for kids.

The cafeteria has 3 different bays to choose from each meal.  So it’s nice to have a selection.  Plus what’s different at the Art of Animation Resort is that they have Smoothies.  Yum!  That was a definite plus for me.  Overall the biggest draws to this hotel are the suites, the big statues around the resort, and the water play area for kids, and the price too.  Disney does provide free transportation to the parks like the others as well, which is always nice to not have to drive.



Custom Order: Mystery Party for Girls

custom printable party

Did you know we take custom orders?  If you don’t see what you need for your party in our shop, contact us and we may still be able to create something for you.

Above is a party I created for a customer for her daughter’s mystery party.  She requested invitations, cupcake toppers, cupcake wrappers, party favor tags, food labels, a menu, happy birthday banner, welcome sign, and Hershey Nugget wrappers.  Yes, we can create almost anything paper.  Most of our current items can have color changes as well.

*PLEASE NOTE- We cannot make parties using trademarked characters such as Cinderella, however we can create a Cinderella inspired party.

Please contact us for information on pricing and turnaround time.  We’d love to make something special for you!

Contact me through my Etsy shop or at Trish [at] TrishsDesignStudio.com.

Fun Halloween Party Game Idea

Halloween carnival game ideas


I love this fun Halloween game idea!  Every year we go to a family from our church’s house for a fun party full of carnival games.  Here’s a cute carnival game I found online.  The balloons are filled with confetti and candy. It’s fun and decorative at the same time.

Click here to get the instructions for this game.

Our Trip to Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

Disney Coronado Springs Resort

image courtesy of the Walt Disney World website

Today is throw-back Tuesday.  I know the other posts I’ve done on our trips to Walt Disney World were well liked so I thought I’d share more.  We unfortunately haven’t been able to go recently, so I thought I’d still share pictures from 2 of our previous trips.  I wasn’t thinking I was going to post about them so I didn’t take as many pictures as I would have liked to.  Hopefully they will still give you an idea of what it’s like.

Above is a picture from across the lake of Coronado Springs Resort.  Honestly, I wasn’t sure how I would like this resort when we pulled up, but it is one of my favorites. At Coronado Springs the sections of the hotel follow a circle, with a long sidewalk around the lake.  It’s great for joggers and so beautiful lit up at night.  There are several water fountains along the way that add to the relaxing feeling.

Disney Coronado Springs Resort

There are 3 sections of the hotel.  We stayed at the back of the hotel.  The look was a southwestern style and had these big boulders around the walkway.  Since our hotel was in the back, we had to go on a walk to get to the main lobby where all the cafes and restaurants were.  There were bus stations set up right near us so it was convenient to catch one to go to the Disney theme parks.

Disney Coronado Springs Resort

We visited during Tyler’s birthday and upon check in, they had a few gifts waiting for him including balloons and a signed picture of Mickey Mouse.

Disney Coronado Springs Resort

Since aqua type colors are my fav, I liked the soothing interior of the rooms.  The heavy wooden doors added a quality feel to the room.  They slid open easily and Tyler loved to be the one to open them every time.

Disney Coronado Springs Resort

Disney Coronado Springs Resort

When we went it was too cold to swim, but it was fun to go see.  I love how Disney themes every part of their hotels.  The pyramid waterfall was a great touch.  And to the left of it, there was a playground for the kids including a sand box area.

Disney Coronado Springs Resort

As soon as you enter the hotel, you are met with a water fountain.

Disney Coronado Springs Resort

Someone’s a little onry.  lol  The 3 Caballeros were done up in the landscape at the outside seating area for the cafes.

Things I loved about the Hotel:

  •  - The food!  They had large selection of food that we really enjoyed.  There was one resturant, a cafe, a place for specialty coffees and cappuccinos, and a market place area where you had 5 or 6 different stations to choose from.  One day I had Mahi Mahi there, the next I had a quesedilla, and both were delicious.
  • - The large walkway.  It had a calm and romantic feel about it and was beautiful with the lake and the water fountains around the grounds.  Plus if you like to jog, there was always someone out there exercising.
  • - The pool and play area looked great!  We didn’t get to go there because it was February and we did run into a few cold days.  I would have liked to been able to see how Tyler liked the play area.


  • - I didn’t mind, but for some they may want to be closer than we were to the main lobby where the restaurants are.  If you want to go eat and you are on the other end of the lake, you either have to order room service or be ready for a stroll.  The main thing we would have liked was a cappiccino in the morning – it’s not on room service either, we checked.  They do have regular coffee on there though.

Disney Coronado Springs Resort

Disney Coronado Springs Resort

We took Tyler to the Disney Junior Play ‘n Dine lunch at the Hollywood & Vine resturant.  It was an all you can eat buffet that featured 4 of the Disney Junior characters.  He got to met and take pictures with June from Little Einsteins, Oso, Handy Mandy, and his favorite, Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  The characters all interacted with the birthday boy as well. Disney have since updated some of the characters (I just checked, it is now Handy Manny, Jake and the Neverland Pirate, Sofia the First and Doc McStuffins).

At the dinner, they also sang Happy Birthday – Disney style and had a congo line Tyler followed in bewilderment.  The lunch was for the birthday boy’s sake, but it was a plus that the food was all really good too.  We ordered a cake for him from the restaurant.  He liked the toppings at that time more than the cake.  It was a nice time, but I do think he would enjoy it even more once he’s a little older and excited to see the characters.

We went to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party last year, and I shared the post.  If you want to check it out, click here.  Or check out the Port Orleans Riverside Hotel here.

Halloween Craft: Cute Spider

halloween spider craft

As I posted about our trip to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party around this time last year,  I told you how my Halloween style is more of the cute, fun for kids type – not the overly scary type.  So when I saw this cute little guy I just had to share.

Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous created this fun, kid friendly spider and shared all the details on how you can make one of your own.


New Invitation Designs

lollipop birthday party invitations

football birthday party invitations

Art Birthday Party Invitations

Here are the latest birthday party invitations I’ve created, now available in the shop.  The art birthday party comes with a whole collection of items that you can either chose from separately or buy all together.

I’m currently working on a gender reveal party and an art birthday party that I can’t wait to share with you.  There will be a few DIY ideas that you can use for any party.  Plus Halloween is coming up and that means a few fun DIY ideas for the holiday as well.


Halloween Favor Idea + Free Printable Flags

free printable halloween tags

Have you started planning for your Halloween party yet?  Here’s a Halloween party favor idea to hand out to your guests.

Mix candy corn and peanuts together – you will need a ratio of about 1/3 candy corn to 2/3 peanuts.   Place the mixture in a bubblegum tube and place our free printable Halloween tags on the tubes.  Now you’ve got a Pay Day Candy Bar- Halloween style!