DIY Paper Tissue Flowers

how to make paper flowers

Here’s another way to make pretty paper flowers with your scallop punch, this time out of tissue paper.

For these flowers you only need 3 supplies:

how to make paper flowers

1. Scallop Punch(you can use the size you’d like; for my example I used the 2″ one, which I use for cupcake toppers)

2. tissue paper

3. stapler

how to make paper flowers

1. Fold one sheet of tissue paper in your choice of color in half 4 times.

2. Punch the scallop out of the folded paper.

how to make paper flowers

3.   Staple 2 times in the middle of the scallop.

4. Pull up the first sheet of tissue paper up and crinkle it together so it stays upright.

5.  Repeat step four for each sheet of tissue paper until all of them are done.

6.  Fluff your flower out until it is the desired shape.


Use your flowers in a number of ways.  In the picture above, Fiskars uses their flowers for a Mother’s Day tea party.  These could also be great to just make a few and put them on a tray to serve Mom breakfast in bed on her special day.

Free Printable: Happy Easter Sign

Free Printable Happy Easter Sign

I went shopping this weekend for some Easter goodies, including picking up a good-sized Easter basket for Tyler. Isn’t Easter candy the best?!?!  I just had a mini Cadbury egg right before this post for a little Easter inspiration.  ;)

I love Easter and the soft colors and would have liked to put a whole printable Easter collection together. Unfortunately I didn’t have time for that this year and I’m not having Easter brunch at my house.

I did get this printable sign made that matches our Easter “Bunny Treats” tags.


Paper Flowers: DIY craft for Spring and Easter

how to make paper flower cards


As I’ve been creating parties, I’ve been feeling more and more creative and have been trying out new things with paper.  I’m starting out simple and seeing where it goes.  For my first project, I used some supplies from my crafting collection to make paper flowers.  One of them is shown above on a simple border card that I will share the template for below.


diy paper flower card

 Tools you need to make the paper flowers:

- 2″ Scallop Paper Punch
- 1 1/2″ Scallop Punch
1″ Heart Punch
- small circle punch, (not sure of the exact size but I think it’s around 5/8″ from measuring the circle – maybe this punch?)
- card stock in light pink, bright pink, yellow, and green
- small rhinestones
- Tacky glue
- scissors
- kids paint brush (optional, I use one to smooth the glue on the paper)

how to make paper flowers

1. First, start off by punching one of each shape out of card stock. Use the larger scallop punch for the lighter pink color and the smaller scallop punch for the brighter pink color.

2. Use green paper for the heart punch.  Cut the heart in half to make your leaves.

3. Glue the shapes together and add 3 rhinestones on top.

All Done!  How EASY is that!?!?

how to make paper flowers

how to make paper flowers

Now you can use your flower on take home treat boxes…

how to make paper flower cards

or a simple border card, click here to get the template.  It would be an easy craft for girls to create.  Or you could even use it as a note left by the Easter Bunny.  :)

Hopefully you’ve liked my first project and when I create more, I’ll share on here too!

Planning a Baby Shower: Flash Sale on our Polka Dot Heart Collection

wishes for baby cards

wishes for baby cards

Pink Polka dot heart wishes for baby cards, baby shower banner, and food labels on sale now

Polka Dot Heart Baby Shower Collection

Are you planning a baby shower soon?  Check out our sweet Polka Dot Heart baby shower collection, on sale for a limited time!


- Choose from 4 colors:  pink, blue, purple, and yellow

- 3 decorations included: wishes for baby cards, baby shower banner, and food labels/tents

- On Sale over 50% off: Originally $16.50 for only $7.50 for two weeks only!

  • Use Code Baby9 at checkout


New Party: Rainbow Art Birthday Party

Art Birthday Party Invitations

Art Birthday Party Invitations

Life has been pretty busy lately and I haven’t blogged as much as I’d like to.  Has it just been around here or has this year been a really bad year for the flu and colds?  I usually don’t get sick and I’ve been sick 3 times this winter.  I hope you all have been staying healthy!

So getting back into the swing of things, I wanted to share a party I’m currently working on.  It’s going to be an art party,  This is such a fun theme!  The invitations are all done and shown above with a choice of hearts or circles in the design.

It’s easy to keep your young guests entertained with this theme because all the activities are built right in to the theme.   I am hoping to share ideas with you on party favor ideas, how to decorate, what sweets to serve, and much more in the coming weeks.


Tyler’s Train Birthday Party

Train birthday party decorations

train birthday party ideas

train party decorations

train party decorations

train party decorations

train party decorations

train birthday party decorations

train birthday party ideas

train birthday party decorations

train birthday party invitations

train birthday party decorations

train birthday party ideas

train birthday party decorations

This Saturday we had Tyler’s 3rd birthday party.  I can’t believe how fast the time goes!  It was at the local park, a little bit of a risk at this time of year weather wise, even in Florida.  We got the shelter with the wall so I made the most of it!

This party was the first time I set up at the park and there was some rushed last minute planning.  I forgot my picture frame for his welcome sign so we had to improvise.  And I tried to make cookies haha.  Yes, they didn’t turn out.  I’ve learned my lesson and plan on ordering all of the desserts next time.  Let’s leave it to the professionals!

The cake turned out really pretty.  I ordered it from a local bakery and put ribbon around both tiers with one of our 4″ party circles on top.  I made paper medallions to frame the happy birthday banner, along with party hats and bubble wrappers.  We got train whistles and bubbles as party favors, both great for a party outside!

It was such a nice day and Tyler had a great time!  I even caught him singing happy birthday to himself later that night (he loves to sing!)  lol  Kids are so funny, but it showed that it really made an impression on him.  We are very grateful to all our friends and family that came to make his day special!

Vendor Credits:

Train Birthday Party Decorations/styling: Trish’s Design Studio

Cake: Sweetie’s Delights

6″ and 10″ Milk Cake stands: Mosser Glass

Train whistle Party favors: Amber Trading Inc

Cupcakes: Custom order from Publix


Easter Printables

free Easter printable

free printable Easter invitations

favor tags

I’ve been pretty busy lately getting Tyler’s party planned and ready.  It’s this Saturday!  I can’t wait!  I will share all the details on the blog starting next week.

In the meantime, I have also been thinking about what I’m going to do for Easter.  We have a little bit of time still, but the holidays always have a way of sneaking up on me.  Do you feel the same way?

Here are some free printable designs for you that I created last year.  Get them on Scribd by clicking on the links:

free printable Easter invitations

The invitations are blank but I can customize them for a small fee.  If you would like a customized version, click here to go to the listing.

Updating a Boring Bulletin Board

diy bulletin board

The Finished Product

diy bulletin board

How it Started Out…so boring!

diy bulletin board

What I used

diy bulletin board

A Work in Progress

diy bulletin board

Much Better

I’ve been wanting to do something with my bulletin board.  It was just soooo boring!!  My dad made me one years ago with decorative trim around it and I want one like that again, with some simple fabric to it.  But in the meantime, I updated this $5 Ikea cork board to something a little more exciting.

The items I used:

    • - cheap cork board
    • -  ruler
    • - masking tape
    • - paint brush
    • - paint (I used Martha Stewart’s paint in the colors Cloud and Gold

How I made it:

1. Mark off 6 2″ increments on each end of the bulletin board.

2. Line up the masking tape to the marks on each end and smooth it onto the cork board.  There should be a small gap in between each of the 2 masking tape strips (as shown above).

NOTE:  Make sure the tape is stuck in place on the bulletin board.  You want nice, crisp lines and don’t want the paint to drip past the edges.

3. Starting by painting the bottom strip, paint every other large gap with the Cloud color.  Then paint the small strips and the frame with the Gold metallic color.

4.  Let it dry and peel the tape off.  Now you’ve got a cute bulletin board!


Dress Up Your Cupcakes With DIY Wrappers

decorative cupcake wrappers


decorative cupcake wrappers

Here’s a simple but really cute way to dress up your cupcakes.  Make these DIY cupcake wrappers to add to the look by following a few easy steps.


1. First of all, print out a cupcake template on the back of 8.5″ x 11″ card stock.

2. Cut out the printed shapes

3. Use an edger punch around the top edge to add decoration.

4. Pull the ends of the wrapper together and use tape to hold in place.


TIP:  If it’s your first time using the edger punch, try it out on a practice piece of scrapbook paper first.  Some designs are harder than others to line up right.

Did you see my new cake stand!?!  I’m so excited, I’ve loved this stand for a while now, but finally broke down and got it for Tyler’s upcoming birthday party.



St. Patrick’s Day Treat Bag Toppers

free printable St. Patrick's Day treat bag toppers

I usually don’t do much for St. Patrick’s Day but decided when I couldn’t sleep last night to put my time to better use.  :)

You can use these cute free printable bags to put some yummy treats in for the holiday. I used Tyler’s “gold” to show off the treat bag toppers, but you can put rolos, skittles, multiple colored wrapped Dove chocolates (yum!) or whatever sounds good in your treat bags.

Each topper is double sided and 4″ wide and 2″ long (folded). The best size of treat bags to use are 4″x6″.

free printable St. Patrick's day rainbow treat bags